What is Koalament?

Koalament is an opensource commenting Service that uses BitCoin blockchain to store data and binds the data to a key (label) such as URL, hashtag, brand name, topic, etc. Currently, we provide browser extensions to read and write comments on any URL, but the data can be pulled and pushed in different ways, for example using a desktop application. For this service to be both an opensource project and work properly as it is supposed to, every other service needs to follow the standard that is provided by the Koalament team. In other words, you can use our services and extensions to push and pull data to/from the blockchain but if you want to use your service, you are required to follow the standard as well, otherwise, we would have different branches of data which benefits no one.

How to use Koalament Service

To prevent users from spamming the network and to cover the expenses of the Koalament team, users pay $ 0.005 to the Koalament team plus the transaction fee for each comment which in total won't pass $0.007 per transaction unless the comment is very long. In the future users will be able to reply, like or report other comments. To like and report users pay approximately $0.0 1 that will be split up as follows:
$0.004 to Koalament team (like)$0.009 to Koalament team(Report)
$0.005 to the commenter(like)
$0.001 to $0.002 for transaction fee
(These numbers might change in the future)

For this purpose, at the moment we use the moneybutton wallet as the payment method. This is how the user interacts with the Koalament service with moneybutton:
1. Installing the Koalament extension on Chrome or Firefox
2. Logging into moneybutton wallet
3. Going to the desired URL
4. Clicking on the extension
5. Seeing previous comments by anyone on the URL
6. Replying to, liking or creating a comment

Transaction flow

Let's explain it with a scenario:
1. You go to www.amazon.com and look for a hardware wallet
2. You find a Ledger Nano S wallet
3. You want to know what people think about this product but you don't trust the comments on the Amazon because they can be deleted or manipulated easily.
4. You click on the Koalament extension
5. The extension queries the API and fetches all the previous comments
6. You see the comments and realize that the Ledger Nano S is not a good choice because it doesn't support BitCoin directly.
7. You express your disapproval by leaving a comment that no one can remove unless it is against the law
8. You swipe the moneybutton (Create, sign and send the transaction)
9. You leave the page and try to find a hardware wallet that supports BitCoin

The project is owned by the koalament team and the koalament code is made available under the Open BSV License