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With Koalament you can comment on any URL on the web and earn money!

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What is Koalament?
Koalament is an open source commenting service that uses an extension to store comments on the Bitcoin SV blockchain without requiring any permission to access the browsers data.


  • Why should I use Koalament?

    Currently, commenting services are easily manipulated because of the ability to alter the data and posting fake comments without any cost. Koalament is addressing these two major issues, when you comment on the Koalament, your comment goes right into the BSV blockchain and can be retrieved anytime by anyone. Also, for commenting or promoting other comments, users need to pay a low amount of money in the form of BSV which is very low if you are a user, but will cost substantially if you are a bot owner who intends to manipulate comments. The other reason for using Koalament is that you can earn money out of it by putting valuable comments which others appreciate by clapping.

  • How can I earn money with Koalament?

    By adding comments that other users find valuable. To incentivize users to use Koalament, we designed the Koalament service in a way that users earn money by receiving claps for their comments. The interesting thing about Koalament is that you spend only $0.005, and with the first clap your comment receives, you get your money back, and the rest is your revenue from expressing your thoughts.

  • How Can I withdraw my earnings?

    There is no withdrawal on Koalament, when you receive a clap, you will be rewarded on your wallet instantly.

  • To prevent users from spamming the network and to cover the expenses of the Koalament team, users pay for the actions as following: Comment: $0.005 plus transaction fee Clap: $0.01 plus transaction fee Boo: $0.015 plus transaction fee Currently the transaction fee on BSV network is less than 0.002$

  • Right now we are using the MoneybuttonMoneybutton wallet for handling payments, in the future other methods will be added too.

  • Yes it is, in other platforms like Instagram, you can like a post or comment once but we didn't want that, so we designed Koalament in a way that you can clap for a comment many times if you find it valuable but you need to pay for that!

  • BOO shows your disapproval towards a comment.

  • Note that the reason for paying almost twice for liking or thrice for Booing a comment is to prevent users from promoting low-quality comments or suppressing a valid one. The logic behind this pricing is the behavior of trolls, as you have seen before, a worthless comment is less a problem than a promoted poor comment, that is why promoting a comment costs almost twice as much, and deciding a comment needs to be suppressed should cost more. For this purpose, at the moment we use the Moneybutton wallet as the payment method

  • All the comments will be stored on the blockchain, you don’t even need our service to read the comments. We can remove a comment from our database, but it won’t be deleted from the blockchain.

  • Yes you can, and honestly, we would love to see others using our service There are two ways to achieve that:
    1. Contacting us and joining our team.
    2. Forking Koalament on Github and starting your version of the project.

  • Registration is not required for using Koalament, although you need to have a Moneybutton wallet.

  • By following these steps, you can easily start using Koalament:
    1. Installing the Koalament extension on Chrome or Firefox
    2. Logging into Moneybutton wallet
    3. Going to the desired URL
    4. Clicking on the extension
    5. Seeing previous comments left by anyone on the URL or writing a new comment

  • The comments are shown with the nickname you choose, but being totally anonymous is not something that can happen on BSV blockchain, and to be honest we are not looking for such a feature either. So it is better to say that you can use Koalament pseudonymously rather than anonymously.

  • You can read our posts on Medium or ask us directly via email